First time Drivetrain fitment in donor V8 turbo

So after the sale of the 190 V12. The donor car is cleaned as much as possible.  I had already removed the complete suspension front and rear. This was done @ the time the 190 V12 was not in the garage when it was painted. These parts where al been rebuild as you can see in earlier video

When there is just on trolley’s it is not as easy to get it back on the lift.  So the suspension placement is pretty straight forward just the 4 bolts and plates.   These will be renewed when installed on in the final position.

The center driveshaft i’m using is from a W210 E420/E430 model and i need to mount the center bearing in when in final position. There is some play in length in the axle because the spline insert is 67mm and spline internal is 52mm. So maybe this is enough otherwise the axle need to be shortened or maybe made longer.

The engine is about 190.6kg incl steering tandempump, alternator, airconpump, airpump and starter.  without oil and coolant.  this is pretty lightweight.  the transmission seperate i did not way yet.

engine mounts will be steel 8mm plate to the engine and 4 mm plates for the framing.  Transmission mount will be a modified W210 trans mount. with the engine and trans in i can already see the steeringbox is  in the way of the exhaust port a lot.  So the engine needs to go forward 8cm or so or i have to do some JMSpeedshop magic on the setup to make it work

But i like to have the engine as far as possible backwards.  Because this will improve the weight distribution a lot.

Also have a look in the playlist of this project for the other video’s or on my website 

if there are any questions just ask

Music: Jeff Kaale – Pillow Talk