Big Brakes for the S124 V8 turbo

So it is times to get some serious Big Brakes for the S124 V8 turbo.  You can have a fast car but you first need to think about stopping it . For this car i have done some research before i started. I wanted a steel set 1 piece rotors. Because it still needs to be serviceable for a decent price.

I’m wanted a set or solution that is most bolt on.  There are some small mods on the parts but no welding or machining needed.  For this car i use the biggest set that is used on the W203 C32 AMG and C55 AMG also used on the CLK500.  This is a 345mm disc and 4 pot caliper from brembo.  This modification can be done like i did also on the W201 and R129 as far as i know an also on more models i think

I have bought my parts @ Autopartsonline  the have sponsort this video so also have a look on there website if you are looking for good quality chassis component for a good price

The disc will fit on the hub without any modification.  The only thing that will not fit is the small bolt that will keep the disc in position if the rim is removed.  Also the Caliper has the same bolt pattern and dimension as the W124 oem.  als0 the same M12 bolt is used

To mount the caliper on the W124 but you need to change the feed connection on the caliper. This can be done in more ways offcourse .  There is a possibility to machine the connection so it will fit.  Because it will hit the steering arm connection on the wheel hub.

What also is good solution is what i did. I bought 2 used calipers from a W220 320CDI These calipers are have the same housings where the brakes pot’s are in.  So only the caliper frame is different. The housing on the W220 caliper has a short connection.  Change this part for the part that is on the C32 AMG caliper.  A normal straight brakes will still not fit correct. The best thing is to use a banjo brake hose connection or a 90 degree connection.

Also the caliper needs to be centered on the brake disc. 2,5mm – 3 mm washers can be used to center the caliper.  I have used 2.5mm washer perfect would be 2.7 of 2.8mm i think

Also have a look in the playlist of this project for the other video’s or on my website 

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