Mercedes S65 AMG W221

To drive this car is just something you have done if your in to mercedes.  The amount of muscle that this car is putting down on the road is just so massive. And still is limited to project the transmission.  The W221 is build for 2006 – 2013. This Mercedes S65 AMG W221 is a 2007 car

M275 came in the market in 2002 in the W220, W215 and R230 model.  The base of this engine is from the M113/M112 V8/V6 engine. In 1998 the M137 V12 came on th market with the single OHC and 3 valves per cylinder.  2 intake and 1 exhaust valve  2 sparkplugs per cylinder.  So changing sparksplugs is a very nice 5 min job  changing out 24 sparkplugs.

M137 is considered a bad engine. i think that is not true.  Just becuase there are so things that are just expensive to fix does not make it a bad engine. There is a and oil cooler in V that can get a leakage and the ignition coil packs can fail between 60k km and 100k km what is very common on all V12 between 1998 -2014. The M137 is a 5.8 ltr engine 

M275 and M275 AMG. The M275 is and upgraded version of the M137.  But with a smaller bore diameter.  Capacity is 5.5 ltr  with 500HP and 800NM.   The M275 AMG has a longer stroker crankshaft and a 0.6mm larger bore then the 5.5. Is now almost 6.0 ltrs.  Producing  612HP from 4750-5100rpm and 1000nm from 2000-4000rpm what is limited.  Because the engine will produce 1200NM but this lowered for protection of the gearbox. From a 1000rpm already 570nm, 1500rpm already 750nm.   The M275 5.5 is runing 13 to 14psi of boost the AMG is runing 22.1 psi of boost. CR =9:1

The Mercedes S65 AMG W221 is only build in the long version and is 5,17 mtr long.  Dry weight is 2170KG,  Still it is possible to accelerate from 0-100 in 4.4 sec and in ideal conditions in 13.3 to 200kph.  The car is limited to 250kph when the clock is having a max op 360kph. 

Braking is also needed. The Mercedes S65 AMG W221 is fitted with 390mm brakes in the front and 365mm brakes in the back. Standard up to aug 2007 is 19″wheels 275 in the back 255 in the front.

When all the other cars where already fitted with a 7 speed 722.9 is the 65 AMG an 600 model still fitted with the 722.649 5 speed gearbox that is already on the market since 1995 and made is first installation in the W140 S600 facelift model at the time.  This is at my opinion the best gearbox on the market. That is also why it was used so long. 

The turbo Setup on this car is very interesting i think.  Because there is just almost no room. So the exhaust manifold and turbo are really packed and is 1 piece. It is having a air to water intercooler setup per cylinder bank

In 2012 Mercedes left the production and development of the V12 engine’s to AMG  so from of the 2014 models the engine’s were upgraded and named M277 for the 600 models and M279 for the AMG models.   the engine capacity is now the same and 6.0 like the M275 AMG also the ignition coil pack problems is solved. now each cylinder has it’s own coil pack. 

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