So finally an update on the project. I needed some time for sorting out parts and getting stuff back from the machine shops.

The M113 turbo manifolds are fully done.  The flanges where a little warped so needed to be machined for a nice straight surface. The manifold flanges are 10mm think steel. The pipe i am using is also mild steel 2.6mm thick.

Because i have placed the engine backwards as far as possible in the engine bay the exhaust manifold is in the way of the steeringbox.  When in oem position.  So i could go for a 400e/500e steeringbox but these are rare and expensive. And still would not be sure this would clear the manifold.

So i lowered the steeringbox about 40mm and modified the reaction arm.  So it would fit the rest of steering components in oem position.

If there are any questions just ask