Mercedes C63S AMG Combi. Is a car that has a wide range of personalities.  

This C63S is the fastest of the W205 C class.  And the upgraded version of the C63.  The S version is giving the car some extra’s like more power. 34hp more, A electronic LSD diff, Dynamic engine mounts and race mode.

The W205 is build from of 2014.  This car is a 2016 car so before the facelift that came in 2018. So this model has a 7 speed mct transmission. the facelift model cam with a 8 speed transmission.

The c63s is powered by a 3982cc V8 with 510Hp @ 5500-6250rpm.  700NM @ 1750-4500rpm . 0-100kph is possible in 4.1sec.  The normal c63 has 476hp and 650nm adn 0-100 in 4.2 sec.  boost pressure in is 1.2bar or 17.4psi

The car has a small fuel tank of 66ltr for a car with a v8 this is small i think

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AMG is fitted with adaptable biltstein dampers with 3 stages. So it has variable damping force for different road conditions

Brakes are 390mm by 36mm in the front  and 360mm by 26mm in the back.  But this car is fitted with a extra option  Ceramic brakes in the front. 402mm by 39mm.

Weight is 1685kg and for the S model 1700kg . The facelift model is 1715kg and S model is 1725kg

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