A W124 with SLS suspension in the Rear and in the Front?

That is is different.  SLS or self leveling suspension in the rear is standard in estate or combi model.  W124 was never delivered with SLS in the front. There where only a few models delivered with this. only R129 and on most versions this was and option and in the W201 Evo models.  and the others it was a very expensive option

So why also SLS in the front.  Because when swapping an engine it is always hard to sort out the wright springs and setup.  and i like to change the comfort level or sport setting under driving

This can be done with hydraulic suspension with some mods to the system.  my plan is to buils R129 front hydro shocks in the car and build the same hydraulic system as in the back.  This will then already work like the rear .  with more load and less load it will level out the ride height.

I want to adjust the ride height so i have to find a solution for.

Also i want 2 settings.  1 for comfort and 1 for sport.  I will place a adjustable reducer valve to control the flow to and from the shock

The springs also need to be change also in the back because i want to lower the car complete. So without oil in the system it needs to drop to lowest setting of the shock

Still some things to find out but there is a start

for questions just ask