M102 engine removed. space for the V8 turbo.

It is time to start on the actual body for the v8 turbo S124.  The M102 engine and transmission is removed.  Also some other parts.   First the front bumper is removed. This not really needed but makes a little more room.  The front stabilizer bar is removed. It is very close to the oil sumpe so better to remove it.

When you start on the fuel lines and electronic wiring to remove.  Start always with removing the battery of the car. To be sure there is not a spark or any power source in the car anymore 

There is n the transmission there is a connector for the Return gear, and a big connector.  also throttle cable and speedo cable. On the engine the fuel line pressure line and return line is disconnected. The the wiring needs to be removed. This is connected to all sensors. Also the ignition system is disconnected from the wheel arch and removed with the engine.  

On the back of the engine there is a coolant line to the interior heater to be removed .  Then on the front some coolant hoses.  Don’t forget the alternator cable.   

This car has and automatic transmission so there are cooling lines to the radiator from the transmission it will drain some oil.  also the steering pump pressure and return line needs to be disconnected. To have a better view i removed the filter housing. total 3 nuts.  

Weight of the M102 engine and 722.4 transmission is around 242kg  This is incl . engine oil and 95% of the transmission fluid and a little coolant not drain from the engine 

The weight of the M113 turbo engine and 722.6 transmission is arround 255 KG.  without and fluid in the engine known.

Weight of the M113 engine without turbo system and transmission in  oem conditoon with all bolt on parts is around 187kg

My expectation is that the engine fluids need to for the m113 and transmission is around 20kg in differnce weight to the m102.  So this is then about 33kg above the m102 setup.  when looking to the bigger cooler and and extra seperate oil coolers and intercooler.  i expect to get around 50kg of extra weight .  

Before i started the project i weight the full car at 1460kg  with 700kg front axle and 760kg rear axle with 25% fuel in the tank.  this will bring the car to 750kg on the front axle and with a full fuel tank around 800kf on the rear axle and get to a 1550 kg total what is pretty good i think..

if there are any questions about this subject let me know 

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