I did a visit at Turbo Heaven !! @ Speedshop Ter Stege 

This is a shop owned by Rolf Ter Stege. He specialized himself in rebuilding and modifying turbo for every  need application. So also hybrid turbo’s. Or if needed machine housings to give a bigger compressor wheel room.  Anything you want 

For my application i asked for advice for my application.  Im personally know to the theoratical part and calculating the needed flow. But it is also a good thing to check a specialist for his opinion and his real life experience with a sized turbo. To make your choice more correct to your setup.

Also when choosing your turbo. There are several options in design and brands and big price difference’s. So it is always good to look at different options.   

The advice that speedshop ter stege gave me for my project was a Garret and Pulsar turbo . also a borg warner was mentioned.  but for me it was between a garret and pulsar.   Rolf mentioned that his experience is that the internals are likely the same in these turbo.  And the quality is seen as the same in these turbo’s only the exhaust housing is different material what is showing less corrosion over time.  Intake is not having any branding.   For me personally these last 2 reson’s are not more important then then the price and rest of the quality.  Pulsar GTX3582R  is around 50% of the price of a Garret GTX3582R  

For the wastegate  i ordered a 66mm precision because of high delivery time i got the Black sheep industries 60mm wastegate. This is not a common design. This is with a piston. Normally this is a membrame design.  This is not a very common and know wastegate design. But quality looks very good  pricing is also good . so we will give this a try 

We also talked about a nissan patrol with a engine swap.  Ford Barra 6 cilinder turbo engine.  This swap is very common in AustraliĆ« but here in europe the engine is rare. Because it is never delivered from factory on the european market. I will do more updates on this project buid because it is just very cool!!

Wastegate : Black Sheep Industries 

Turbo : Pulsar GTX3582R

Turbo : Garret GTX3582R

I will the put some links below from social media how you can find Speed shop ter stege and get in contact with him. He will ship all over the world. He is using instagram and facebook for the main sources.

Facebook:  Speedshop ter stege

Instagram: Speedshop ter stege

If there are any questions about this turbo subject don’t hesitate to ask and if there are technical subjects around turbo’s let me know.  The we can look how to explain this in a video

JMSpeedshop !