Intercooler piping installed on 1 side

I used aluminum piping 63mm and 76mm  3mm wall thickness. I did not use rubber hoses.  I used quick connections clamps

This is a 4 piece clamp. With 2 pieces to weld on each end of the piping 1 center pipe to make a closed seal with orings on the weld on pieces. 1 clamps to hold everything together.  the benefit on this is that there is still a possibility that the pipe can move due to the design of the clamp.

There are also clamps where this is not possible.  So look for the right set

Also engine and transmission setup is in this body for the first time.  Radiator is installed with a custom frame.  next is the installation of the engine oil & transmission oil cooler on each side of the intercooler.   Also the intake manifild needs to be turn 180 degree to have a short route access to the interooler.

If there are any questions just ask

Also have a look in the playlist for the other projects and video’s of this build