M113 V8 intake manifold spacers.

I have made 10mm thick spacers. To raise the intake manifold a little bit. to have a little more room for the throttle body. But also to close of the air intake channels to the exhaust. These are during start up to get the car through the emission regulations.

The spacers are made from aluminium. The are made on the Router table.  I made this myself.  And used normall wood router inserts.  The first thing that failed was the bearing on top of the router insert the makes copying a shape possible.

I took the old gasket and made a copy on wood.  This wood spacer i used to make the aluminium part.  it work pretty good. It needs some small modyfications.

The throttle body is moved a little forwards. because it will not fit closer to the engine also i need room for the Oil cooler lines and the engine coolant line to the radiator so need to figure out the best routing for this.

If there are any questions about turning over the manifold for shorter routing let me know.

Also see the complete playlist of this build here