M113 dissassembly “part 2” S124 V8 turbo

In the 2 part i remove the timing cover and the timing chain and the 2 sump parts.  what was very interesting to see is how the coolant passages would look.  these are running from the coolant pump into the block.  These are famous for swelling up and or crank and create a coolant into the oil.  These cost a few euro’s but are a lot of work to get to.

In this engine the where alos already bigger then the should be.  Also there where parts missing from the o-ring. but it was not damaged that it would let coolant into the oil.

the chain was looking normall but when i have the new one i will see the stretch in the chain. The chain guide’s had some wear and some cracks in them but there where no parts missing on them.  im going to renew the chain and the guide’s incl the oil pump chain and guide. Also the tensionair will be renewed.

The bottom oil sump is alse removed there is some oil left in it what i will inspect for particals if the are there.   the low part of the engine is alos removed. and is only showing the same carbon deposits in it what is also showing in the rest of the engine.

in the last part i will remove the pistons and rods. incl with the crank shaft. and also will have a look at the bearings and piston rings.

if there are any questions just ask


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