Mercedes S63 AMG 4-matic W222

The S63 is already a lot of generations. This is the 2e and last generation having the big 5.5 liter bi-turbo.  The massive torque machine producing 900nm

The engine is 5461cc DOHC v8  with VVT on the intake and exhaust cam.  Also a compression ratio of 1:10 CR.  The engine has 2 Garret turbo’s and water to Air intercoolers with a max boost pressure of 1.3 bar.  The engine is also direct injected with a fuel injection pressure in the range of 100 – 200bar

The engine is connected to the last generation 722.9 MCT transmission but is not having a race start function .  But is not really needed because it is still capable of 0-100kph in 4.0 sec.   with this very good 4 matic system.

The car is also availible in a RWD system but with 900nm this not really a good idea. the HP number for this engine 585HP and has a rev limit of 6400RPM.  but depends on in which gear your are with a soft rpm limiter.  Speed limint is 250KPH but can be raised from factory when a AMG drivers package is also in the set.

The M157 engine can have some issue’s  so do your homework when your in the market for a car with this engine code here is a link

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if there are any questions just ask