M113 Timingchain Oil Pump and Timingcase install

This is will make the engine look more coming together. This is a pretty important part of the installation. because the chain is what makes or breaks the engine if it is no correct.

So at first. the sprockets are mounted. On the crank it is slide on.  The center sprocket is with a left threaded bolt.   This is the only bolt in the engine that is having this left thread.  so keep that in mind.   After this the quide’s are installed.   And the chain can be put in place.  Take a good look at the copper coloured markings.  The need to on all the sprockets on the right position.  Also install the cam gears. And lock them with ty-raps so the will not drop.

The timing case has a lot of bolts with different lenghts.  There is a spec sheet in the manuals where the will go.   All the bolts that will hold the cover to the block are M8 and need to put on 20NM.  The extra bolts for the waterpump are M6 and need to be put on 10NM

It is also very imported to follow the sealer instructions for the Timing cover.  because there should not be put sealer on all the channels.  The oil channels should not be sealed. This to prevent getting gasket material in the pressure channels.

if there are any questions just ask



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