M113 Installing oil sump’s Oil filter housing and Flexplate

Im almost there with finishing up the rebuild of the engine.  Got both sumps back on the engine.  In between there is a layer of silicone gasket and all the bolts are M6  only 2 are M8    and need to be put on torque M6 10nm  M8 20nm

The oil filter housing is havind several loose parts.  that need new o-rings.  There is a big O-ring like gasket under the filter housing. This is hold down by a 46mm nut that need to be put on 70nm.   afterthis there is a plastic pipe with 3 new o-rings that is inserted. And at last the filter is put in together the cover that needs to be put on 25nm

The flywheel needs new bolts evertime it is removed.  The torque value is 45nm and 90 degree angle.

For the oil cooler i have changed to a external oil cooler so i made a adpater plate for this but the the M6 bolts need to be carfully put on torque.  i already made 1 bolt of the 4 to m8 because of damaged threads.  so normaly m6 needs to go to 10nm but be carfully 8nm will maybe save you from damaged threads here.

if there are any questions about this subject just ask