HOW TO: M113 intake manifold dissassembly “Part1”

The intake manifold is a part on this M113. But also on the M112 engine.  That is according mercedes not serviceable.  You can not order any parts internally for this manifold.  Only the complete unit .  Also there is not much info in the Mercedes manual about this.  There is noting about how to dissassembly it.

But if you look inside trough the throttle body entrance. Or through the runners.  it is really dirty.   This because of the crankcase breather connection to the intake and the EGR system.  This combination will created the oil exhausr gas mix.  That will back carbon on the intake manifold and Leave a black oil substance everywhere in the manifold

This will have influence on the temperature and optimal flow in the manifold.  So for sure after a Engine rebuild this needs to be cleaning The manifold is pretty easy to dissassembly.  The are 4 top parts and 2 bottom parts.

The top parts are.  Outside cover.  The inside channel seperator.  and 2 small parts that are mounted on the channel seperator.

The bottom half parts.  Outside cover and inside channel seperator with flap assembly.

I cleaned all the parts with a regular degreaser.  This intake manifold was easier to clean then all the other engine parts.  And this is because the Temperature in the intake manifold will not reach a high temp like 100 c in the engine . The intake will max hit like 60c. so the oil exhaust gas mix.  will not get backed as in the engine .

The parts from the intake are dont have much in perfections on the inside.  the only thing i found where some cracks on 1 mounting point of the fuel rail.  but this could be there for years i think.  I will have a look to support this a little better so it will not brake of in the future.

Also to mention there is a vacuum chamber in the bottom half of the manifold.  This is used for the actuator the controls the flaps for long and shorter routing.   this chamber has 2 plastic covers on each end and has a rubber plastic mounting that was old and damaged in my manifold.

I don’t really like the design because it is not easy to reach and there are no parts that can be ordered.  so i will block all the holes for this chamber. and use a different vacuum solution for this

if there are any questions just ask