S124 v8 last chassis mod. finished crank case breather system

After a few very busy weeks i found a day  to finally  get some progress on the car.   I did the last modification to the chassis. And i finished the crank case breather system.

The center shaft or prop shaft center bearing needed some modifications to fit.   My center shaft is oem from W210 E420/E430.  This axle is factory fit to the 722.6 amg gearbox and the oem E420 rear diff im using .  The Oem center shaft bearing will not fit so i have mounted a oem e320 bearing this had also a 30mm inner diameter.

The center bearing shaft mouting point on the chassis needed to be moved 5-10cm more backwards. So this is removed from the oem location and welded back on the new spot.  Everything is coated again.  Axle is mounted and all connection torque down.  also the heat shield is back in place.

The crankcase breather needed a vacuum connecton to the intake this is done with a 22mm tubing.   The tubing is modified with a small venturi on the end that will improve the suction capacity.   This is mounted in front of the turbo after the intake filter.   This location will always have a vacuum, because the air filter will always have some sort of restriction.

Next will be the fuel system.  i wanted to start on it already.  but will do a full video on it.  this will be the next one.  I have already got the fuel pump and filter mounted together with all the connectors in place.  Everything to get the system mounted is in house only the flexible fuel lines need to be made when the lenght is know later on.

if there are any questions just ask