So about 2 weeks ago i found this driveline

to find this engine and complete like this is getting more rare by the day. For me this is a pretty familiar driveline. i got this driveline also in my W201 190e V12 project from a few years ago. But this is a much younger generation and this is the M120.982 engine with coil plug igniton and more modern engine controls .

These also had upgrade wiring looms that will not degrade over time. This is a late ’95 built engine and cam in a early ’96 s600 with a 5 speed 722.621 transmission what i also in my w201 v12 this gearbox code came only on the m120 v12 so this bellhousing is unique.

I also have all the electrical bolt on parts line alternator aircon pump starter. Also the steeringpump and the throttlebody’s only thing i don’t have from the driveline is the rear diff. but these are much easier to find.

Not sure yet what im going to do with this driveline. But better have it in stock when so nice project idea is coming later . you never know !!

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