New fuel system for the V8 turbo

At first i made a bracket for the fuel pump.  So i could mount the fuel pump at the level i want it.  The outlet of the filter will be at the level that the fuel line can run on the floor level into the car.  Yes i run the fuel line through the car.  I think this is more save the running them in the car.  You will not have any chance  off corrosion or weather influence.  And you can not damage them when go to low to the ground.  And the lines that i will use are very strong rated from 140bar .

Offcourse this was needed for the extra fuel and also because e85 will use about 30-40% more the regular petrol.  Starting at the tank there is a 12mm fuel line feed to the fuel pump.   The system is AN8 hose this internally 11.93mm +/-  a AN8 coupling is 9.5mm +/-  internally. so the 12mm fuel line is perfect.  the feed on the pump is a hydraulic hose connection to AN8-AN10  because the pump in and out is AN10

The fuelpump is a Fuellab  fuelpump rated for 1300HP.  This is PWM fuel pump so the speed can be controlled through the ecu. so this is very nice. When i run of regular fuel i only need only max 30-40% of the pump speed.

after the Pump i have DW fuel filter with also AN10-AN8 out.  from here the initial plan was to run aluminum hard line to the front of the car into the engine bay.  I had 1/2″ hardline.  but i was not happy with the result so i pulled the feedline out.   The plan was to run PTFE 1/2″ with  pressed connections in between the fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator and to the ethanol sensor.  And from the fuel pressure regulator to the hardline same as from the ethanol to the hardline.

The plan is changed to what it is know .  From the filter outlet to the ethanol sensor it is PTFE 1/2″ pressed  hose.  with a stainless steel outliner.   and also from the return of Fuel pressure regulator back to fuel tank also.

From just before the rear axle.  I end with hose end fitting and will go to the fuel tank with a 12mm fuel hose.  Because the return connetion on the tank is 2mm smaller. And also a 3 connection on the tank is about 6 mm   i use a splitter.  From 1.  12mm connection to  1 10mm and 1 6mm.  so i have enough space to have as little as possible chance to buils up pressure in the return line.

To the clear  AN8 is the same size as 1\2″ hydrauliek used dimensions the connection for AN8 in hydraulic terms is JIC 37 degree the threads on the connection of AN8 is 3/4-16UNF

If there are any questions about this subject just ask