Mercedes 500 SEL W140 Review & Testdrive

This Massive S-class is the W140   and really stands out from the rest of all the mercedes models. It is Just different.  The build quality was just so high compared to the other brands.  You could say everything after W140 was more about making money that building a quality product.

Offcourse this car  has some issue’s but overall it is just a fantastic car you could get these days for a low amount of money. This car in the video is on the top of the market.  Very low miles and very good condition.  But the price range of the W140  depends on location and engine and body type you want can go from a few 1000€ to high 50000€.  It cam in 6, 8 and 12 cyl.  petrol and 6 cyl diesel. long and short versions and manual 5 speed for 6 cyl option and 8 12 cyl had standard a automatic gearbox.

This car from the review is most populair model a long version  with a v8.  The very nice M119 5.0 32v DOHC engine .  production 320/326hp and 470/480nm of torque depening on prodruction year.  Still capable doing a acceleration in 6.7/7 sec to 100KPH.  Dont forget this cars weight is 2010kg.

Total production of the W140 model is 406k cars and just over 26k coupe’s.   This car had a nick name of the cathedral because of it’s massive size.  In arabic country’s the had the nick name “The Ghost”because of it’s widebody  apperiance.   This car is 5.2mtr long and almost 1.89mtr wide.   So lost of space.

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