ADS suspension for S124 V8 Turbo

Just as in the front im going to modified the suspension in the back also.  This will be ADS or active damping system.  But then a custom made system by me  JMSpeedshop.   I will have a system that is ride height adjustable  and option for a sport or comfort setting for the hardness of the damping system.

In the back im using a 6/2 valve  and 10mm hydraulic line with 1-1,5mm wall thinkness that will run 2 seperate channels, left damper, right damper.  This will have a manual adjusted setting on the comfort and sport setting dat can be adjusted with  manual valve. That will controll the flow of oil that can flow from the accumulator to the damper and back.   This will be the same as in a regular shock absober but i can adsjust this in and out flow of oil.

The SLS system  will function just like factory.  But i can controll the level of the car with a electronic actuator.  This will be shown in later video’s.  This is also not tested live. Also not yet tested in the front.

All the lines f0r the damper control are in place only thing to do is the support the lines to the underside of the body.  I need to order some clamps to do this.


If there are any questions left just ask

ADS suspension for S124 V8 Turbo 9 ADS suspension for S124 V8 Turbo 10