Hydraulic system done !! S124 V8 turbo ready to go on it’s wheels

The system was already al connected seperate front and rear system.   I Was waiting the last months on the flow divider. This will give me 2 seperate systems from 1 oil pump flow.   This is needed because the system is also pumping oil over the return when the level does not need to be raised.   When this is needed in the front on the rear seperate.  It needs to be possible to create pressure on 1 side.   Without a flow divider this is not possible.

The steering pump  pressure line is also connected to the steering pump with a 10mm hardline and a high pressure hose. The returnline of the steeringpump has two intergrated return lines from the suspension.  Returnline is 12mm  the returnline from the rear and front suspension are 6,35mm or 1/4″

in front of the radiator next to the airfilter i made a loop oil cooler from 12mm tubing   This is connted with hydraulic hose and just hose clamps because the return side will not create a lot of pressure.

Things left to do before filling the systems is support all the lines where this is needed.  Also making some brackets for the steering oil cooler.

Next will be then filling up the suspension systems and try to bleed out some air and run some cycle with the system.  I have to find a solution to turn the steering pump without the need to the engine. We will see

if there are any questions just ask