Custom SLS Hydraulic suspension working. Mercedes W124 / S124

The Custom system is done. All the lines are connected like shown in the last video.  But now a very importent part is getting the oil in the system and bleed out alle the air.  Also keep the oil in the system is pretty important. So look for leaks.

The total filling capacity is about 5 to 6 ltrs in total.  The oil spec for this system is used from the W210 because this is combi system.  This means it is working for the steering system and for the SLS self leveling suspension.  Oil spec  MB 344.0

The first thing is filling up the shock absorbers with as much oil as possible. In the front this is pretty easy. In the rear i pushed in the shock and let it suck in oil when extracting the shock.

Next is getting the reservoir filled up with oil.  I have removed the radiator and intake pipes. with a 14mm socket and drill bit on the front of the pump you can spin it.  First i have bleed out the steering system.  Next is putting some cups under the outlet of the hose and end lines to the shocks and pump oil through.  I did this on both solenoids settings.

The rear solenoide was in stock position and needed to be taken apart and clean out.  After this it was working correct.  With all the shocks and lines primed. I connected all the connections so i had a closed system.

For testin i have no conventional springs in position yet.  So all the pressure and weight is on the shocks. I have not place the springs because i have to change the lenght of the springs later on because the car is not in full weight yet.  Also i want to have a little more weight on the shocks to test the system.   This will also mean the system needs more oil because the full weight is on the accumulator springs now and because more weight is more oil in the accumulator.

Pumping the system for the first time took me about 1min to get the system level UP.  After this i drained the system to low position. I’m now going to test the flow devider.  This means online pump oil to the front or the back  without the other side pumping over the return pressure less.   And this works!!  What is very positive. This means i  did the correct measurements and have chosen the right componends.

When car is fully wired and the electrical system is connected.  I can test the self leveling suspension controls within the car and adjusted the ride height electronicly.

So very positive result.  It is working.  At the moment i have the car at a level where i’m going to keep it for the next few weeks. I have market this oil level on the tank. and i can check if the system is closed and not leaking through when not used.

If you got any questions just ask