for Engine wiring and standalone ECU S124 V8 Turbo “Part 1”

After having the mechanical part of the car sort of ready.   It is time for the electronics side. I have still a list of small things to do.  But for sure on the line doing all the electronics there will come more to this now short small list.

So in this video I’m going to install the ECU.  Also looking for the best place for the other electrical components.  Like the relais, fuses and the ignition coil amplifiers.

I’m going to use the Maxx Ecu Race for this car.  I bought set with the wiring loom and the lambda sensor.  There is also a possibilty to buy this with a loom or incl a relais box.  I have choosen to build my own relais box for the S124 v8 so i have more room to place it where i want.

The ECU is placed in foot support plate of the passenger side. This is then direct behind the floormat.  it fit’s in perfectly.   i have to search a little for the right rooting of the loom and the hose and other wiring to this location.  Because i have to be able to flip the plate out of location to reach it.  When everything working correct this rare offcourse but is should be possible.

I have also placed the top of the dashboard back in the car.  Which is much easier then most people think.  It is only hold it by 5 screw’s and 2 ventillation runners in the middle of the dashboard. When i put the glovebox internal in i can see there is enough room below the glovebox to place the 5 or 6 relais the wiring so perfect location .

At this point I’m going to have look what i need to order for extra wiring and components for the installation and in the next video we will return to this subject.

If there are any questions just ask