Maxx Ecu E-throttle and Red Seats and Carpet in the car. S124 V8 turbo

So last weeks i did a lot of small things to the car. That i not filmed but needed to be done.  Also place an EMAP sensor in the turbo exhaust housing.  But because my turbo in the first place was selected for around 550hp.  And now i want to reach around 700hp .  i want to see what the back pressure is doing in comparison to the EGT in front of the turbo and the boost pressure.  With these value’s it is easier to see when the turbo is running out of flow and efficiency.

Also got the boost controller connected. Incl the vacuum hoses.  Checked the hydraulic system again. for small leaks.  Everyting looks dry now. Also got the breaks bleeded. So the chassis only needs 1 thing and that is installing of the springs.  At the moment the car is on hydraulic shocks only to test the system.   When i have around 40ltr of fuel in the tank of the S124.   And all the fluids in the V8 engine and transmission the  S124  is up to weight and i can adjust the spring lenght to what i want.

So to this video.  I have installed the all the floor carpets and offcourse cleaned it.  Also installed the Seats in the car incl. the rear bench and the 7 seater.   For europe this red leather 7 seater interior is pretty rare i have not seen a 2e of this here in europe.  In the USA it is more common i think also the 7 seater option. The interior is in because i have to go with the car to inspection for the engine swap and normall periodiek inspections.  So Needs to be as complete as possible.  Most of the interior will be removed again because the car needs to be painted. And all the leather pieces will be refurbished and the driver seat and arm rest will be repainted.

I also connected the maxx ecu to power for the first time and getting myself a little familiar with the system.  I got all the pressure and temperature sensors added and calibrated.  Only coollant temp sensor needs so extra calibration because the temp. is not in range with the rest.

Also got the E-throttle working.  i have a bosch 72mm throttle body. this is the oem throttle body from the m113.960.  This E-throttle did not have a pre-calibration in the maxx ecu already. So i took a pre-calibrated 68mm bosch throttle body.  You have to move the throttle body to fully close and fully open position and calibrated these Voltage value’s  this will determine the 0 – 100% setting.  This needs to be done with the throttle body disabled so there is no target that need to be reached.  After this your can disable the idle control then the throttle body will also be on 0%   The pedal also needs to be calibrated 0-100% and you calibrate the Voltage value’s.  When this is set up you can enable the throttle body when you push the pedal to 100% this will be 100% on the throttle body.  In between 0-100 the throttle body will react to the target map of the throttle body.  When putting enable idle control the throttle body will go to the given value in idle control.

Next video will be about doorpanels and maybe dashboard installation and about  ignition and injection signals testing .

if there are any questions just ask