S124 v8 ofgear installed 95% wiring done “part 3”

got almost everyting done on the wiring.  Small modification is need for the wiring of the sport setting. This has more to do because the switch needs another really for on and off switching.  the switching is tested and all works only the adjustment needs to be done when the car is driven.

The actuators for the leveling suspension are also connected incl the controllers.  front and rear are connected to 1 potmeter.  The low and high setting needs to be adjusted when the car is on full load and the engine is running

Ofgear is fully connected incl. paddle shifters installed.  Speed signal is tested also boost and lockout P and R above 10km.  Also Reverse light switch is connected.  The shifting inputs need to be calculated and a list needs to be made to put in.

i have some wiring left that is not needed that is connected to the ecu.  there is a possibility to pin the wiring out of the connecter.

for the next video.  I want to get all the inputs and outputs tested on the ecu and everyting else around it. so this will be interesting to see if i have connected everyting correct

if there are any questions just ask



S124 v8 ofgear installed 95% wiring done "part 3"          S124 v8 ofgear installed 95% wiring done "part 3"