Maxx Ecu ignition & Injection output testing S124 V8 turbo

So i wanted to test all outputs also for fully function. Firste i tested the injectors dry to test if the where wired correct. This can be done under the diagnostic menu.  With the crl key and then the cylinder number this can be activation a single time

After this i tested the fuel pump.  I’m running a Fuel lab pump that can be run variable speed. with PWM signal.  i have to modify the support for this because i had it bolted fixed to the chassis but the sound frequentie is to much to leave it this way. So wull be modified.

i had the fuel rail lifted to test the injector life with fuel.  I had the fuelpump signal ouput on always on selected to keep the pump running. no i can use the same testing menu for injector output under diagnostic section in Maxx ecu menu.

Everything is wired correct and works perfect  so next is igniton coils testing.   I a double coil per cylinder so 2 spark plugs per cylinder.  And a seperate amplifier.  a single ignition output will activate 2 inputs on the amplifier. So the double coil will have 2 ouput signals to get the coils powered.

In the same diagnosic menu the coils can be test sinlge or automatic .  Single fire can be done with the alt key and the the cylinder number.  All coils work and fire correct.

I also recalibrated the Coollant sensor. Through individual NTC calibration.   I manual measured the resistance with a check the temp with a manual glass thermometer

Where getting closer to starting the car .  so stay tuned in this project

if there are any questions just ask