It’s alive !!! M113 turbo Start Up !! & oil pressure issue !!!

Okey. I will start at the start up because that is what most people want to know i think. I went very good.  Over the last few weeks i put y start up file together and checked all the input and outputs.  place all the parameters according the wiring that i used.  discussed this with the tuner.  And had some small changes to make it perfect.   When starting i had the signal from the trigger incorrect. it need to be a rising signal and had falling signal selected .  when this changes i had a RPM signal on the crank from without spark plug 185rpm and with spark plugs 140rpm.

First real start attempt i had a big bang in the exhaust 1 time and after this nothing .   I had this before with my 190 V12 in the past when starting for the first time.   The Home signal input was incorrect so it is firing 180 degrees wrong.  so changed this value.  After this attemp i put the cranking enrichment on 0 because i had already some fuel injected in the intake from the previous attemps.   So next try was spot on it was running pretty easy in about 3 engnie cycles.

The first thing to notice. was that it was running very rich.  i had to pull about 25% VE out the get the AFR target.  when had it running up to 30c coollant temp i could let the engine idle  just on the idle control.

Next few starts is getting everything better adjusted to get the chassis alignment done.   And getting it ready to do the street tune.  After this i have to do the road legal checks.  If this is all done it is dyno time!!


So.  Oil pressure issue.   This what i always do when i don’t now the engine or it is along time standing, rebuild or else. I want to see oil pressure on the engine and what to see without compression build up.   So now sparkplugs in the engine. Fuel and ignition shut off.  My engine is fully rebuild so everything except the cylinder bushings are in assembly lube incl the oil pump. pistons where in engine oil same as cylinder walls.

I had and oil pressure gauge on the pressure side connection of the pump on front of the timing cover. I cranked the engien over for 4 times, 1 min at the time to give the starter some cool done period. The info that i had is that it can take 2 min to get oil pressure.  Because i was not building compression and just running on the starter with full assembly lube there can not go much wrong.   but i inspected the cylinder walls to be sure. But everything was okey.

i got in contact with some friends.  Also people with experience with mercedes and thes era engine’s.   When the oil pump is removed or after long standing the chamber between the pressure side of the pump and the check valve up in the engine can loose it’s oil capacity and when this is empty the pump can not build enough pressure to overcome the spring pressure of the check valve.

Drained all the oil, removed the oil pan,  removed the oil pump…..  see picture below.  complete dry….   filled up the pump and pump oil through by hand.  Get all the air out.  mounted everything back .

Cranked the engine again.  took 20sec oil pump full pressure 3.5 bar on the gauge    ran it up to 45 sec.   later on another 1 min.  Checked all the lines and the cooler .  everything full of oil.

So be aware.  Check if your really got oil pressure before starting real life