Wiring Maxx ECU. Gauge clusters? crash sensor? Ofgear

Alot going on in this video. Got some days full in to the engine wiring got everything connected. Some small things need to be done.

Like the electrical cooling fan. Some inputs and the ofgear wiring. Need to check the ABS sensors or order new ones. Got the Crash sensor removed the is mounted on the transmission tunnel. This for activation of the explosives in the seatbelts. What i think is very dangerous because you get fully stuck in the seat. On this place i have the ofgear unit mounted. This need to be wired in still.

Also needs some time thinking about the speedometer and what gauge cluster i want to use in this dash or what dash. In the previous car i used a w201 cluster with a w126 electronic speedo. But thes also getting old and always need work on the gears to keep everything work. Also the are getting more expensive. So ofgear is giving the solution to use a W210 cluster and the rpm and speed can be used trough canbus connection. But the rest also needs to get working. The coolant gauge is canbus and some alarm incl oil pressure. Tank gauge is electronic. But getting the correct can protocol and signals to the dash is not so easy. So this will be discussed further on in the build For now im going to get all the wiring finished and all the loose wiring connected or remove if not needed anymore

if there are any questions just ask