This video is al about the BMW Z3M Coupe
this is a S50b32 powered car producing 321HP and 350NM

This BMW Z3M Coupe is owned by Jorge Moreno
he is the shop manager at RSC autotechnik and 
this is his personal car and it is for sale
so it your interested contact me through YouTube.
or visit

This BMW Z3M Coupe is pretty rare it is only produced 6292 times in the coupe version in total mthe z3m is produced 15375 times
the coupe is build from 1998-2002 and was only delivered with 6 cilinders. totsl producing inlc M cars is 17815 cars
wat is a rare number when the roadster where build 279273 cars
the coupe is 1390KG what is 40kg more the the roadster because the coupe is based on a roadster. it is a roadster with a fixed hardtop. what is making the car 2.7 times stiffer then the roadster.
the z3m ouside of the US up till 2001 is powere by a S50B32 6 cilinder producing 321HP @ 7400rpm and 350NM @ 3250RPM it is connected to a 5 speed manual and will get the car in 5.3 sec t 100klm
in the USA up to 2001 the car had a S52B32 engine with 240HP and 320NM. from 2001-2002 all cars had a S54B32 engine with 325HP and 350NM what is less power the the M3 had from the S54 this M3 had 343HP instead.
the Car is feeling oldschool with good handling and less comfort. it is just made for driving. it is a little noisy in the cabin at speeds above 120klm. but i think that is giving this car a character if all these thing at up. a coupe is a car the is rising in price over the last view years and a Z3M coupe is a wanted collecter car.
if you also like this car. this car is for sale
contact me about the details.

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