Mercedes 190 V12 Project Build W201 Engine Swap !! the project is going to start as a base for this project I’m gogin to use my w201 Mercedes 190 from 1984. what I’m going to do is build in a M120 v12 engine from a s600 w140 Mercedes this is a 6.0ltr v12 with 48v DOHC from factory 408hp and 580NM. so stay tuned

this is the intro of my new Project
i’m going to build a V12 engine in my Mercedes 190

the 190 is a  1984 2.0 carb. 
the donor car is a W140 600 SEL 1993
the plan is to build the 6.0 V12 engine in the 190
with a automatic gearbox but i have not yet decided if it is a
the 4 speed gearbox that is fitted to it now or it will be the 722.6
5 speed.
also the brakes  axles diff will be build underneth the 190 to get a solid drivetrain under the car that can hold the high output torque value. which is standard 580nm
so hope you will enjoy this build !!

Have a look in the Project Playlist for the last update’s of this very cool Project build . The Biggest V12 engine of the era int he smallest model of the ’90 s  


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