Got the tie rod linkages and the wheel installes on the subframe.  I made a frame from wood do i can use the car jack later to lift the subframe. and move it under the car. With al the tie rod linkages and wheel hubs installed the weight is going up a lit and it is not easy to move by hand.

Im using S210 rear wheel hubs because the wheel bearing is bigger and the axle that is going in the wheel hub is bigger in diameter. To use the S210 wheelhubs you need to change at least 1 connection on the subframe.  this connection is 30mm off with the w124 wheel hub. This my personal measurement. If your doing this mod. do also your own measurments.  

Im using tie rods because i want more adjustments in the rear suspension. if your using the oem control arms you need to change more connections on the subframe because the S210 hub is different from the W124.  when using Tie rod linkages this small difference can be adjusted with the tie rod. so that is another benefit.

I als change all the bolt diameteres from M12 to M14  to get a stronger setup  only the bottom bolt from the suspension arm is still m12. OEM the bolts are 8.8 strenght.  i have als M14 with 8.8 stenght  this stronger then a M12 10.9 that i had on the 190 V12.  I did this upgrade because the torque quess on this car will be around 700 to 800nm.  

The tie rods and linkages that used are from MC gill motorsports UK

If there are any questions just ask

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